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What are your delivery days?+

We deliver to Dunbar and the surrounding areas on Saturday, Haddington and surrounding areas on Thursdays and to North Berwick and along the coast on Fridays. 

What time will my pizza arrive?+

Your delivery will arrive between 12 and 5pm on the delivery day. 

How much does delivery cost?+

Delivery is free of charge but we do have a minimum order of 2 pizzas.

Why does it say sold out for my area?+

All our pizzas are handmade and fired in our oven on the day of delivery which limits the number of pizzas we can deliver on any one day. 

How do I cook my pizza?+

Read our cooking instructions here for full details of how to bake the perfect pizza.

Can I cook Big Blu pizzas in a pizza oven?+

The pizzas have been created to be cooked in a fan oven. We do not recommend cooking them in a pizza oven, microwave, grill or barbecue as we can't guarantee how they will turn out. 

When will you be back at Dunbar harbour/ Steampunk Coffee?+

As soon as the government says it's safe to do so. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest Big Blu news. 

Do your pizzas contain any allergens?+

All our pizzas contain gluten and milk. The Roasted Peppers, Cherry Tomato and Basil Pesto Pizza contains nuts. Due to the way our food is prepared it is not possible to guarantee the absence of allergens in our products. If you require more information about allergens please contact us